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3.2m FRP gel coat flat sheet machine special for truck body

Release date:2017/08/01
3.2m FRP gel coat flat sheet machine special for truck body


 3.2m FRP gel coat flat sheet production line( special for truck body)
  Function of equipment: this production line can produce 3.2m ultra-wide flat gel-coat sheet (special for Truck body)
  Basic parameters:
  Operation staff: 4-10     speed of production: 2-5m/min
  Sheet width: Maximum effective width is 3200mm
  Thickness of sheet: 0.4-4.0mm
  Main dimension of equipment: 75m×5m×3.5m
  Power requirement: 280 kva
  Power consumption: actual consumption is 150KW/h
  This production line has EU certification, certified model FRP3200
  Number of certificate: No.M7, 1302, 8307, 002
  Machine characteristics:
  1、    Chain clip flattening techniques developed by Dnuo Technology Company, domestically first, this is the only equipment that could satisfy the requirement of high-levelness of truck body sheets.
  2、    Temperature-control raw material mixing techniques, real-time control on temperature and dosage of raw material, control the quality from the origin of production.
  3、    Able to conduct on-line spontaneous re-coiling of sheet by certain quantities, convenient for storage and transportation.
  4、    Width of product could be made on demand.
  5、    Whole line applies Ethernet total line communication, high speed, good stability. System is strong-expandable, able to connect host computer to conduct management to production, able to conduct remote service. Brands of electric control system could choose: DELTA, AB, Siemens to satisfy needs of various customers.
  6、    Impregnation platform multi-line independent temperature control, temperature control is precise, able to better adapt change of ambient temperature, quick impregnation, speed of production could be improved effectively;
  7、    Pulse-free metering system, metering is precise, wide range on flow rate adjustment, able to add powder fillers.
  8、    Easy operation based on PLC intellectual control system. Operate by computers, the production task and equipment operating data is faster and intuitional. Only short-term training can make operators complete production independently..
  9、    Multi-point temperature control chamber, unique arithmetic on temperature control, speed of heating is fast and temperature control is precise, improving quality of product and reduces energy consumption of equipment, degree of sheet curing is high.
  10、Special cross cutting machine, good synchronization performance make accurate cutting.
  11、Particular parts adopt special purpose wire, durable in use.
  12、Size and layout of machine can be made according to customer requirements
  After sale service:
  Complete service system and professional team serve to customers with all efforts. Extended warranties can be offered.

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