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Choose roofing tile caigang watts has been out of date

Release date:2017/08/02


  With the development of science and technology, building materials and layer, the current urban and rural are vigorously implement the FRP lighting engineering, why in many building materials, everyone have chosen to use FRP lighting tile?
  Under the dino technology to introduce the advantages of FRP lighting.
  Under the first to introduce the advantages of FRP lighting tile: traditional building roof use building materials caigang watts, there are a lot of disadvantages, such as southern rainy season, too much water can lead to long-term product pollution is becoming more and more as time passes roofing rot will appear the phenomenon such as corrosion, to a large area of the roof repaired.

The FRP lighting project can completely solve these problems.The rain can follow the tile surface flow, product can also be as the rain washed away together.At the same time the advantages of FRP lighting tile: sound insulation effect is good, through the determination of phoneme test showed that under the influence of the heavy rain, hail, wind and other outside noise, glass fiber reinforced plastic tile can be a very good daylighting through absorb noise or noise reduction.Quality of light in the installation and transportation.


  Excellent corrosion resistance, even in the presence of acid and alkali environment, no problem, and the service life of 30 years.FRP lighting light transmittance of around 80%, let you no matter in tall buildings or industrial buildings can be basking in the sun.


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