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Introduction to energy conservation and environmental protection material, FRP lighting watts

Release date:2017/08/02


  Now with the rapid development of market economic law society, people pursue high quality life idea has gradually penetrated into FRP lighting tile industry, transparent FRP lighting tile past already can't satisfy people's needs, colour diversity, function and practical applications of FRP lighting watts arises at the historic moment, FRP lighting tile is to apply a kind of organic coating on the FRP lighting tile surface, giving it a appearance beautiful, colorful, high strength, good corrosion resistance, convenient processing and forming, but also can be used to lower costs, more to reduce pollution.


  To constantly expand the view of the construction industry in our country, FRP lighting products has been widely used, and the variety of FRP lighting, with the needs of different customers, different products, FRP lighting tile and the advantages of both organic polymer and steel FRP lighting tile with coloration, formability, corrosion resistance and adornment sex, high strength of FRP lighting and workability, can easily by cutting, bending, deep drawing processing, etc.FRP lighting tile has been widely used in building construction, is a very mature products.Recently, many enterprises are exploring FRP lighting tile, the surface USES the more environmental protection, the processing property and better technology, FRP lighting in the building materials industry has entered the line of sight of people, through some buildings use proved that is recognized by the masses of users, FRP lighting tile quality is reliable, stable, full color, high gloss, FRP lighting tile in China at the same time also got some foreign merchants recognition, it also illustrates, FRP lighting tile quality and environmental aspects in our country is withstand test.


  FRP plate is and steel structure supporting the use of light materials, its mainly composed of high-performance membrane, strengthening of polyester and glass fiber, of which the membrane to play the role of good anti-ultraviolet antistatic, anti-ultraviolet radiation is in order to protect the FRP plate of polyester not yellowing of aging, premature loss of pervious to light.Dust on the surface of the antistatic is to ensure that were washed away or blown away easily, maintain a clean and beautiful surface.It functions similar to common glass, it is mainly used for roof daylighting, can have a similar wavy and consistent shape steel sheet, belong to glass fiber reinforced plastic.



   Characteristics are as follows:
  1, has the very good resistance to crushing, easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, easy installation, etc
  2, lighting products are diffused light, the light is soft, light transmittance keep degree is high, which can effectively cut off most of the ultraviolet (uv) light
  3, product belongs to flammable materials, can be in, when the fire broke out after the rapid combustion will indoor smoke discharge, can reduce casualties, fire products do not produce molten drops during combustion, is effective in protecting the field personnel safety.

  High quality FRP essential conditions
  Raw material: high quality resin + high-performance membrane + high quality glass fiber
Function: uv radiation is strong, strong resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and self-cleaning + aging resistance is strong, strong resistance to pulverization strong + light transmittance remain high

Refers to the strength of FRP to gather the plate bearing damage, the object of maximum stress value, such as tensile, bending, impact, shear strength.




  Stiffness said FRP lighting surface deformation resistance ability, therefore FRP to gather the plate forming, in some parts do reinforcing rib or on the surface with the fiber reinforcement, can improve the rigidity.



  Qinhuangdao dnuo technology development co., LTD is a professional FRP plate equipment production company, is the first domestic production of FRP plate equipment, sales of the biggest companies, can provide you with a variety of FRP sheet production equipment, such as plate equipment, gel plate equipment, equipment, decorative pattern plate, etc.By my company design and manufacture of FRP sheet molding equipment had occupied 60% - 60% of the domestic market, and have been sold to the United States, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the united Arab emirates, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, azerbaijan, and many other countries.Over the years we have been focused on continuous FRP products molding technology, successful for a number of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to provide professional FRP sheet continuous molding equipment, for the enterprise to efficient manufacturing high-quality FRP sheet products provide the perfect solution.

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