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Science: sunshine board and FRP mining plate (tile)

Release date:2017/08/02

  There are often some customers don't QingYang plate and plate, today to introduce you the difference!
  Commonly referred to as mining plate materials should be selected FRP, and material is PC sunshine board chooses, they have pervious to light function.


FRP mining plate


PC sunshine board

  FRP glass fiber reinforced polyester plate, made of honeycomb carbon polyester or solid board, etc., according to the shape can be divided into the same as the roof plate waveform of glass fiber reinforced polyester mining board (hereinafter referred to as FRP lighting watts) and other flat or curved surface board, resistant to acid and alkali for 20 years, widely adopted by chemical corrosion area.Mining plate of the specifications of the commonly used are: 750 type, 840 type, 820 type, 980 type, 950 type, 900 type, 475 type, 760 type, and 1 m to 1.2 m wide flat etc. More than 100 kinds of plate type.
  Sunshine board is mainly composed of PC material production.English is the sunlight, hereinafter referred to as corrugated board, PC sunshine board with polycarbonate as main raw materials manufacturing.Mainly applied to the construction of modern agricultural greenhouse, in our country is mainly used in some cities in the north.Sunshine board in the mid - 80 - s to enter the building decoration materials market rapidly, than laminated glass, wired glass, toughened glass, hollow glass more lightweight, weather resistance, strong, good performance of flame retardant, sound insulation.For sunshine board of high quality, unique architectural design, decoration engineering, environmental engineering, commonly agreed in the advertising industry.

FRP plate with PC sunshine board in performance, there are eight aspects of the difference, the following specific analysis:

  1, the thermal expansion
Light material of thermal expansion directly affects the ease of construction, construction cost, and after the completion of the project in the embodiment of the waterproof properties.Therefore, in the coil plus roof color plate, light material of thermal expansion is the most important factor in the design and construction should be considered by the.
FRP plate by thermal expansion coefficient is 2.6 x 10-5 cm/cm / ℃, close to the thermal expansion coefficient of choi steel, caused by cold and relative displacement is less, not easy to leak due to deformation.
PC sunshine plate thermal expansion coefficient is 6.75 x 10-5 cm/cm / ℃, about equal to five times the color steel plate, color steel roof on the temperature difference is very big, PC board caused by heat bilges cold shrink relative displacement is too large, lead to loose contact or screw hole peripheral tear, deformation and leakage.(choi steel thermal expansion coefficient of 1.25 x 10-5 cm/cm / ℃).

  2, matching
FRP mining plate color can be customized according to need and roofing steel completely matching section, and low cost, convenient, quick, custom-built cycle only 2 days.
PC board is flat is given priority to, selection of section are very few, not choi steel good matching with the roof, customize the costly and time consuming.


  3, construction cost and waterproof
  Since FRP mining plate can be customized according to need completely matching section, therefore when installation can, with little or no self tapping screw and silica gel belt so easy installation, fast and low cost, water proofing property is good.
Due to the PC board is flat, choi steel lap, in order to need to do other auxiliary structure into the roof choi steel is wavy, make it difficult to handle in the contact, high construction cost, time-consuming, laborious, and because of restricted by technology, PC board can only do 6 meters, the longest need aluminum pressure processing, therefore the joint material above vice purlin, should be added to increase the construction cost and complexity, and due to their high thermal expansion coefficient, construction need to compute the expansion set aside.So it is easy to cause leakage.



  4, pervious to light
FRP plate light transmittance of 0-85%, due to the adding a certain proportion of glass fiber polyester, stainless steel glass door, so through would produce diffuse scattering light, don't leave a light on the ground, also does not produce glare, can provide a good working environment.
PC board is made of pure resin, light transmittance of 0-88%, won't produce diffuse scattering light through it, just produce refraction, the light will leave clear light on the ground.When people feel very dazzling, dazzling, when they looked up when they feel not very comfortable to work.
  5, the service life of the
FRP plate surface and pasted by nominal 20 microns anti-ultraviolet film, can be isolated from the rest of more than 99% of the ultraviolet rays, and other corrosion resistance, protect the substrate from destruction, to adopt the service life of the plate at least up to 15 years, the actual can reach more than 20 years.
PC sunshine board adopt the way of adding anti-uv additives in the resin to resist uv, but at the same time make the purity of raw materials to reduce impact plate performance, makes the anti-ultraviolet performance cannot effectively for a long time, the aging, become yellow, brittle.

  6, surface maintenance
FRP plate surface and pasted by nominal 20 micron polymer film, with no static, no dust adsorption, with water or rain wash, easy to clean, long time maintain bright bright and clean, low maintenance cost, cycle is long.
For PC sunshine board has the characteristics of the electrostatic adsorption, adsorption dust in the air, often a long time will affect the light transmittance and beautiful degree, and PC board of acid and alkali resistance is poor, cannot use the regular cleaning, water and can't remove electrostatic adsorption dust, high maintenance costs.
  7, tear resistance and tensile strength
FRP using film and the structure of glass fiber reinforced up and down, makes the tear resistance and good tensile strength, tensile strength for 75.
PC board due to the particularity of its molecular structure tear resistance and tensile strength is poor, easy to be metal burr crack and leakage, screw hole peripheral is easy to tear, the tensile strength of 63.


8、Transportation performance

FRP plate rigid, but toughness, not easy to bend and the bending strength of 125 mpa.

PC board rigid general sun, but toughness is very good, excellent transport handling performance;Can be bent into a variety of arc, the bending strength of 96 MPa.

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