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The security performance of the glass fiber reinforced plastic tile (worth a look)

Release date:2017/08/02

  Now there are many different kinds of building materials, the use of any material as roof tile, it is very important for the safety performance, today we have to say the security performance of the glass fiber reinforced plastic tile, allowing you to a deeper understanding to our technology of glass fiber reinforced plastic production.


  And glass fiber reinforced plastic tile factory production technology, and so on.We usually say the hardness of glass fiber reinforced plastic tile is very high, for the glass fiber reinforced plastic tile, its safety performance is often depends on its flexibility performance and hardness, this is also the research and development personnel and customers the most important points.No matter how the development of the society, we to the construction of roof will be used in the process of starting the roof panel, just the product along with the development of science and technology upgrade, but I believe that no matter which aspect to change, to ensure the safety of the building materials of a performance, this is also one of the most important indicator.


  Advantages of glass fiber reinforced plastic tile itself has a lot of, very clear, we know that the glass fiber reinforced plastic tile has a strong anticorrosion performance, but its fireproof performance may not be known by our customers, this is a very important technological inventions, it has good fireproof performance, so that it can't be the leader of fire.


  Heat preservation and heat insulation performance of glass fiber reinforced plastic tile is the cause of glass fiber reinforced plastic tile is widely used.

  The sound insulation performance is better than that of other roofing sheet, soft lighting to give us a safe and comfortable living and working environment.Also ensures that the animal husbandry and flower breeding good growth environment.Based on the excellent performance of glass fiber reinforced plastic, is the first choice for each of the steel structure engineering of roof plate plate.


  Glass fiber reinforced plastic tile also has the characteristics of production cycle and short installation period, once installed, use fixed number of year for the last 20 years.


  FRP sheets quality stand or fall, depending on production equipment, dino technology research and development manufacturing FRP board production equipment more than 20 years, after numerous research and development experiment, ensure each plank equipment production efficiency is high, intelligent production, easy manipulation, plank are of good quality,75% of the domestic FRP sheets manufacturers choose dino equipment!

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