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Glass fiber reinforced plastic plate can resist ultraviolet light

Release date:2017/08/02

  We collected on glass fiber reinforced plastic plate in recent years more and more widely used, and a lot of time we will use it on the architectural lighting.The reason for this is because glass fiber reinforced plastic production plate can not only improve the structures needed to achieve the daylighting effect, and it also can prevent those to our direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, so natural also can greatly reduce the health risks caused by ultraviolet light to us.


  Why a lot of people can not help but can produce such doubt, glass fiber reinforced plastic production plate can be used to resist ultraviolet ray?The use of inspiration from where?Here we will to analyze why the glass fiber reinforced plastic plate will have the ability to isolate uv this magic.


  First, we need to know is that a lot of glass fiber reinforced plastic in one side of the plate are added some used for uv coating, so that nature can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation.And it usually add some used for anti condensation on the other side of the material.Clearly this kind of glass fiber reinforced plastic plate has the daylighting and resistance to ultraviolet radiation for two functions.

  Second FRP mining plate can effectively block ultraviolet light through the glass layer, then we can in FRP mining under the protection of plate to avoid damage by uv, the beautiful furniture and decorations and we also can get better protection.

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